Sabina Brennan Speech


I have two sons, I love them both equally. Both are Irish citizens, one can marry and the other cannot. That’s inequality. – Sabina Brennan


Sabina, a mother of two sons spoke at the launch of our campaign for a ‘Yes’ vote in the Marriage Equality Referendum outside the GPO in Dublin on 22 March.


This is what she said:


There are so many reasons to vote yes on May 22nd that I could speak for 2 hours not 2 minutes but that’s ok because 2 minutes is actually plenty of time because when it comes down to it, it’s really quite simple


I am voting YES because I believe in equality.


We need no other reason.


We have a moral and ethical obligation to ensure equal treatment and equal rights for all of our citizens, for all human beings, for all members of our human family without exception.


May 22nd is about equality. It is about human rights and human beings.


I’m straight. I’m already married. Why should I care? Well that is exactly why I should care and the very reason that I should vote YES on May 22nd because as an Irish citizen I should not have rights that are not afforded to every other Irish citizen. Those of us who are in the majority must come out and VOTE YES on May 22nd to ensure equal rights for those in the minority.


If you vote no you will be endorsing inequality. A no vote will send a message to our government, to the world, to our children and to our children’s children that we think that it is ok to treat one Irish citizen differently to another Irish citizen, to treat one human being different to another human being, to treat one family member differently to another family member.


I have two sons,

I love them both equally,

Both are Irish citizens

One can marry and the other cannot.

That’s inequality.


On May 22nd we have the opportunity to address that inequality, to make history and to lead the world on this human rights issue.


Now I have said enough, I am going to hand you over to my son Gavin who is going to speak to you through music.


I’d like you to:

Listen to him for 2 minutes today,

I’d like you to tell your friends and family about him

I’d like you to think of him on May 22nd

And most importantly I’d like you to remember that he is human too.