During a debate about the forthcoming Marriage Equality referendum on Sunday’s Marian Finucane Show, Patrick Treacy and Thomas Finnegan claimed (between 6.00 and 12.00 minutes) that a Yes vote in the Marriage Equality Referendum would confer a constitutional right to procreate on married same-sex couples, and that this would make it impossible for the Oireachtas to pass any laws regulating access to surrogacy or donor-assisted human reproduction in the future. Do these central planks of the No campaign’s argument actually conform to the reality of Irish constitutional law, as set out in the Constitution itself and the court decisions interpreting it?

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Silence: a new song by Jack O’Rourke released in aid of Amnesty International’s Lets Make History campaign for a Yes vote in the Marriage Equality Referendum


Emerging artist Jack O’Rourke releases haunting new ballad, “Silence”, on Friday the 17th of April in aid of Amnesty International’s Let’s Make History – YES Campaign for Marriage Equality.


Written a number of years ago, “Silence” is a song that O’Rourke had set aside for inclusion on his EP, The Other Side of Now, due for release in June. However, the upcoming referendum on Marriage Equality sparked him to release it at this earlier date.

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Sabina Brennan Speech

I have two sons, I love them both equally. Both are Irish citizens, one can marry and the other cannot. That’s inequality. – Sabina Brennan


Sabina, a mother of two sons spoke at the launch of our campaign for a ‘Yes’ vote in the Marriage Equality Referendum outside the GPO in Dublin on 22 March.


This is what she said:


There are so many reasons to vote yes on May 22nd that I could speak for 2 hours not 2 minutes but that’s ok because 2 minutes is actually plenty of time because when it comes down to it, it’s really quite simple


I am voting YES because I believe in equality.

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Grace Dyas Speech

This following is a speech made by Grace Dyas at our Let’s Make History campaign launch outside the GPO on O’ Connell Street, 22-03-15.


I am a straight woman.

I live in Dublin with my partner, Martin Sharry.

I love him.

I want to marry him.


On May 22nd, I will be voting yes.

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Safia’s Letter

Safia lives in Gorey, County Wexford with her Dads Colm and Paul, and her brother Sean.

She wrote this letter as a response to the debate on the Marriage Equality Referendum.

You can listen to Safia reading her letter on the Ray D’Arcy show on RTE Radio 1 here

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